Why We’re Launching U Against Hawley PAC

TLDR: Joe Biden might be president, but insurrectionist Josh Hawley is still in the Senate — where he’ll continue to wreck legislation and erode our elections. To ensure Hawley loses his job, donate here.

Dear fellow alumni of Missouri colleges and general fans of democracy:

In October 2008, WashU in St. Louis hosted the sole Vice-Presidential debate between Joe Biden and Sarah Palin. On the way in, then-Senator Claire McCaskill was asked about her agenda for Missouri. “My plan,” the Senator said, “is to throw a giant net over our colleges and keep these brilliant kids in my state!”

Exactly a decade after that debate, Sen. McCaskill would lose her seat to a guy named Josh Hawley.

Hawley, the nation’s second-youngest sitting senator, has quickly emerged as one of its most radical. In the past few weeks alone, Hawley incited domestic terrorists, inflamed extremist conspiracies, and attempted to overturn the presidential election. As Capitol Hill was ransacked — as his colleagues cowered on the Senate floor and five people were killed in the mayhem — Hawley joyously greeted rioters.

Despite zero evidence of widespread election fraud, Hawley launched the unprecedented scam to overturn the Electoral College’s certification of Joe Biden’s presidential victory. Even in the aftermath of a mob invading Congress, he’s sought to capitalize on the carnage. Hawley said, “I will never apologize,” using a national trauma to rack up funds and shift the blame to “Antifa scumbags.”

It’s no surprise that the St. Louis Post-Dispatch called him “the most embarrassing politician to represent Missouri” and “the walking definition of a phony.” Former Missouri Senator John Danforth called supporting Hawley “the worst mistake I ever made in my life.”

But rather than retreat, Hawley has set his sights on running for the presidency. He’s counting on the fact that most Americans have a short memory — and figures, at his age, that he’s got decades to dismantle democracy.

That’s why we must ensure that Josh Hawley loses his job. You’ve probably long since left Missouri, but were indelibly changed by your time there. If we learned anything as students in the shadow of the Gateway Arch, it is that good things will happen if a few committed people join a common cause.

Days after the siege on the Capitol, we launched U Against Hawley PAC, a political action committee aimed at ending this deranged Senator’s endless efforts to trample our Constitution. Built in consultation with top D.C. and Missouri politicos, our PAC empowers us to take aim at Hawley’s lunacy by fundraising for his eventual Senate challenger.

But that’s just the start. Because Hawley’s ideas are as infectious as they are nefarious, we will blunt his influence at every level of government. We will tackle Hawley from the top, by supporting leaders who can restrain his extremism in Washington — and from the bottom, by boosting local Missouri candidates who could take his seat.

Left unchecked, Hawley will continue to batter our rights. U Against Hawley PAC is our strongest avenue of collectively pushing back. We will support Hawley’s challengers, awaken voters to his selfish acts, and hold him accountable where it counts.

If you can, donate what you can: http://bit.ly/StopHawleySaveDemocracy

And, no matter what you can give, please share this cause with the friends from college that you’re missing right now — your old roommates, sorority sisters, and sure, even the bassist in your short-lived band from sophomore year.

Join us today and make Hawley mad.


  1. Do I have to be an alum of a Missouri college to donate?

Donations are open to any American who loves our democracy. While U Against Hawley PAC was founded by alums of the self-described “Harvard of the Midwest”, we’ve been astounded by the support from everyday citizens across the nation — even those who attended Emory.

2. How will my money be used to save democracy from Sen. Hawley?

This fund will directly support Hawley’s challengers because it is a PAC, which can donate directly to candidates — and it is not a Super Pac, which can only create “independent expenditures” like TV ads. A Super PAC with a similar mission also launched, which we applaud, but it cannot donate directly to candidates.

3. Is this PAC affiliated with any organization, university, or candidate for office?

U Against Hawley PAC is run independently by individuals who are not employed by, or officially affiliated with, any other political organization, university, or candidate for public office. We’re just regular people who are annoyed by stuff like, uh, insurrection.

4. Who is my money going to be donated to, and how much can we donate?

We intend to support all viable Democratic Senate challengers for Hawley’s seat, though many have not officially announced runs for Senate yet.

There are several channels to distribute funds. “Multi-candidate PACs” like U Against Hawley PAC are able to donate up to $10,000 per cycle — that’s $5,000 for the primary election, and $5,000 for the general election — to each candidate challenging Sen. Hawley. We can also donate significantly more to Missouri’s state party committee, as well as up to the DSCC, the Democrat’s Senate campaign organization. For more information, visit the FEC site here.

5. How can I contact the leadership of U Against Hawley PAC?

Let’s team up! Send inquiries to: uagainsthawleypac@gmail.com




U Against Hawley PAC is holding Sen. Hawley accountable for leading the unprecedented scam to overturn our election by fundraising for his eventual opponent.

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U Against Hawley PAC

U Against Hawley PAC

U Against Hawley PAC is holding Sen. Hawley accountable for leading the unprecedented scam to overturn our election by fundraising for his eventual opponent.

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